Everyone hates Ashley (even Liberty and Emma) and even though it looks like she has some friends, it is actually because they feel sorry for her and feel that if they help her they will look nice. At the end of season 1, she loses all of her friends (as if she even had any) and becomes a goth as well as being last resort friends with Ellie Slash.

The only people that can tolerate her are: Craig, because she's helping him with his stupid songs and Terri, who she always gives food. Other than that, everyone hates Ashley. I wish Ashley would be taken to an underground ninja hideout in Siberia where nobody can here her scream.

List of people that are cooler than Ashley

  1. Spinner
  2. Riley
  3. Manny
  4. J.T.
  5. Paige
  6. Spock
  7. Whitney Houston
  8. Shane Dawson
  9. Toby
  10. Emma
  11. Jimmy
  12. Hazel
  13. Leia
  14. Chantay
  15. Aaliyah
  16. Alli
  17. Holly J
  18. Declan
  19. Fiona
  20. Kendra
  21. Blue
  22. Kelly
  23. Kelly Clarkson
  24. Damian
  25. Sarah Palin
  26. Britney Spears
  27. Madonna
  28. Mario
  29. Spongebob
  30. Pikachu
  31. Luigi
  32. Squirtle
  33. Patrick
  34. Wario
  35. Jigglypuff
  36. Sailor Moon
  37. Bobobobobobo
  38. Sheldon Coooper
  39. Sandy Cheeks
  40. Danny
  41. Darcy
  42. Mia
  43. Bruce
  44. Johnny
  45. Liberty
  46. Harry Potter
  47. Ron Weasley
  48. Grant
  49. TinTin
  50. Derek
  51. Kevin Thompson (from Daria)

The list could go on, but you get the point everyone is cooler than Ashley.

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