Welcome to ECrap Wiki!

Degrassi Season 10; Crap ,amirite? Well we think so,too!

We all know that Squall, Balhh, Nisoja, JessyPop, Murder Scene, and Redfooo are awesome, amiright?

We don't like ECrap. Drew needs to GTFO, too. Please rip on them as much as possible.

Clur Edwurds, Drewshbag and Eels Crapsworthy are doodoo heads. umad?

Feel free to edit and have fun. But I must warn you, if you're a troublemaker I'll be on your ass like flies on dog shit, little girl.

Disclaimer: If you love Degrassi seasons 10-present, and possibly season 9, as well as Drew and Eli, this wiki probably isn't for you.


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