This is a list of ways to cease the travesty that is New Degrassi. You can be as creative as you want, just make sure that it would actually kill off the show for good.

  1. Casting a Malefic spell on the show.
  2. Having Drouche and Eels watched the cursed videotape. Without those two douches, the show would die off quicker than you can say "chaste."
  3. Spinner Mason. The show would no longer be horrific if he returned. It just wouldn't
  4. FIRE THE F*%KING WRITERS AND REPLACE THEM WITH WILD MONKEYS!!!111!! That may give us some decent plots!

Keep the list going!
Totally awesome flick you should have Drew or Eli watch00:57

Totally awesome flick you should have Drew or Eli watch

Hey Drew, come watch this movie with me!

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